Study Project


with Yasmin Abdullahi, Hannah Launer

Are you super creative, newcoming sweet & salty gourmet or crazy hot & spicy food lover?

Odds&ends will push you to the edge if you know how. Our mobile application and further media raise awareness for food waste and make it tangible. Having products that are perfect and always available is essential.

But what about leftovers?

Three different screens of the odds & ends app can be seen side by side. They show recipes, the shopping list and the stock of leftovers. The design is light and fresh, yet structured and stable.
Other screens in the odds & ends app show various steps of a recipe. These are described in detail and are easy to understand, with lots of attractive pictures.

Everyday leftovers - take the challenge!

A poster from the odds & ends campaign can be seen on a pillar in a busy area with cars. It is slightly green and shows a delicious dish made from leftovers.
Postcards were produced for the odds & ends campaign. They are displayed in supermarkets and public places and feature an exciting headline.
On the back of the odds & ends postcards there are stickers for food that has been opened or needs to be used up.
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