Study Project

Bachelor ++ 6th semester

with Yasmin Abdullahi, Maren Mesle

The well-known banger Lars, his date for the night Lara or the desired son in law Max - you all know them. Myths like stowing condoms in your wallet or simply pulling him out before coming, are common but not further questioned.

People act recklessly especially in fast and dirty situations. This campaign is perfect for hot and loud festivals.

The design of the condom packaging can be seen on the front and back. It shows the name Volcano Fever and various sex positions in bright colors.
Two different stickers for the Volcano Fever campaign are stuck on two festival cups. They show abstract graphics for the male and female genital area.

Go for it - safe!

The packaging and some cards from the Vulkanfieber drinking game lie on the floor. The game Swallowing without excuses is fun, informative and educational at the same time.
You can see more cards from the Vulkanfieber drinking game. These come from different game categories with various fun tasks.
On a surface lies a smartphone showing the Vulkanfieber website. The site is brightly colored and contains informative and educational articles on important topics. It also features appealing graphics.
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