Nice to meet ya
Studio Rotstich concentrates on crossmedia branding. But why the red tint? Well, take a closer look at the picture of myself. Furthermore, I am convined of the relevance of old communication. Offline media still work. Studio Rotstich combines old and new to create extraordinary concepts.
I establish my position in our society as a communication designer consciously. My strengths include problem-solving, communicating, and making hard decisions. When I approach my work, I do so with structure and conception. My work deals with current social issues and thus reflects our society's potential and limits.
My master's thesis „The deathly addiction to perfection“ examines the connection between social media, eating disorders, and the German health care system.
Our society's future is in our hands
- especially for female designers.
++ German Design Award – Nominee 2023
March 2021 - September 2022
++ M.A. Communication Design / Creative Leadership & Design Systems / University of Mannheim, Germany
Since January 2020
++ Studio Rotstich / Freelancing
++ Internship / Peter Schmidt Group / Hamburg, Germany
2017 - 2021
++ B.A. Communication Design / University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany / 1.4
++ Internship / Vitra International Ag (Interior Design)
++ Internship / Maurer, Rapp & Henneberg