IKEA X AstraZeneca

Study Project

Master ++ 2nd Semester

In society, there is a lot of space for opinions and discussion about genetic engineering. We become aware of the shocking possibilities only when they are exaggerated.

We will be able to design our descendants. The question is, how can this be made accessible to all of us at a low price and easily?

Another page of the product instructions for the designer baby can be seen. Among other things, it shows the utensils.
You can see the website of the IKEA product SORGLÖS. The product is a designer baby in which skin color, eye color and more can be selected.
Further down on the website you will find information about the product and material.

Introducing IKEA Family+. A socienty with equal chances for everyone.

Two different posters are displayed on a gray stone wall. They are both from IKEA and show the product SORGLÖS, the designer baby, and SMASTAD, the changing table/desk.
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