Paid Project

Awake to panic and a carousel of thoughts during the summer in Berlin? She wants to let go and create a safe space all to herself.

ANNA YUNA is singing about exactly that with her clear and pure voice. Her indie-pop style songs are enhanced with electronic elements. High-energy loud and cautious quiet - her songs evoke honest feelings.

The typeface reflects the mood with its high line weight contrast and deep purple tone. Lines from ANNA's songs make the merch approachable and empathetic.

A beige shirt is hanging on a clothes rail. The shirt has a small print on the front. It says ANNA YUNA in purple.
One person is standing with their back to the camera and is wearing a beige hoodie. A close-up of a purple print with different fonts of the musician ANNA YUNA can be seen on it.
Two small transparent plastic bags are lying on concrete. The bags contain white stickers with the purple lettering ANNA YUNA. They are handed out at concerts.
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